I’m glad you like me.
Because I’ve got a surprise for you.
- Finn

I’m glad you like me.

Because I’ve got a surprise for you.

- Finn

#the thing he does with his mouth when he looks down in the first one #her slowly leaning in towards him in the second gif #the way he says “Rae”

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I’m kissing you because I want to.

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”..I’ll give you a ring this week yeah?”

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#i have major love for how he looks at her in the last gif 
#because i think that’s a moment that he recognized a kindred spirit 
#i don’t think this is the moment he started liking her 
#but her response bubbling to the surface like this 
#is a moment when he saw that she was someone how was coping with things #much like he was #it’s such a fleeting glance
#but i think it’s the first time Finn actually stopped long enough to notice her beyond just being some girl #even though this was after the 20P moment #i think that annoyed him #but this is the moment he considered her #considered her at all #not romantically #but considered and wondered about her [tags by darlingdiver]

You feel me darlingdiver I love this piece too for all the reasons you have expressed, he really is just taking stock and noticing her. I think he was the only one who saw fear and anxiety in her eyes when she drained the pint glass where as the rest of the gang marvel at her chugging abilities. I kinda think too that he may have remembered that she said she didn’t drink the night before. I always thought that Finn was intrigued by Rae here and it wasn’t until around Knebworth that he recognized that he liked her. 

Thank you two for making putting words into this moment. It’s how i saw it as and you desribed it perfectly.

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i don’t want them to think i’m a freak

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Rae Earl Appreciation Week:


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Rae Earl Appreciation Week → Day 2: Favorite quotes

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