"Rate Finn out of ten. Eleven.”

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"Me and dont even like each other. Our actings just THAT good! hahaha! Joking!!!! (kinda) <3 X”


My Mad Fat Diary Meme

7 Scenes: (7/7)

I thought you weren’t havin’ a party?

I wanted to piss my mum off

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Anonymous said: I'm officially obsessed with this show oh my god

Oh my goodness, welcome to the club!! :D

Anonymous said: Do you know of a way I can watch in the US? Thanks :)

The best place to watch them, in my opinion: http://www.free-tv-video-online.me/internet/my_mad_fat_diary/index.html :D

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I was not mentally prepared for Finn Nelson.

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I can’t stop looking at how he rolls her hand down from on top of his knee to between his legs while lifting his right leg to make a space for it. It’s like a coordinated effort ALL while he’s trying not to laugh as if he knows what he’s doing. Meanwhile, she has this look on her face like she’s acutely aware of where her limbs vs. his limbs are currently located.

I read all of it as Nico being cheeky with Sharon and not drunk Finn when highlighted in these gifs. I have to admit, in the context of the scene this moment is pretty sad because of everything else going on; however, in the context of this gif set it reads like a pretty funny moment between co-stars. I’ve never appreciated it as that before, but I surely am appreciating it as that right now.

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